Meet Josh

A Little About Me...

It's well past my bedtime and I'm still up binge watching a show on Netflix. My eyelids are heavy and I can't stop yawning.

Why am I still up?

Am I obesessed?

Do I have OCD?

Maybe, but after thinking about it for a while, I realize that I'm completely engrossed in the lives of the characters, and how their individual stories impact the overall story in the show.

It's so hard to hit the "Off" button when I care about the people in the story and their journey.

This realization gave me insight as to why I dedicated myself to photographing weddings 8 years ago:


The connections, love, friendships, interactions, comittment, and celebration that I'm able to capture on a wedding day tell a unique and very personal story.

That's why I never get tired of photographing weddings and never find myself searching for the "Off" button...    

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