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7 Tips You Can Use To Guarantee Awesome Wedding Pictures!

Tip #1 Consider doing an engagement session before your wedding.
Are you a little anxious about having your picture taken all day at your wedding? If so, an engagement session is the perfect way to “break the ice” with your photographer and get comfortable with having your picture taken. You’ll get to know your photographer better and your photographer will gain a better understanding of your personality and relationship with your fiance. By the time your wedding rolls around your photographers will probably feel more like friends than some strangers following you around with a camera. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll get some great pictures that you can display at your wedding!

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Tip #2 Don’t choose a photographer solely off of their pricing.
You’ll never get the awesome wedding photographs you’ve dreamed of if you settle for a photographer who’s work doesn’t speak to you because they’re cheaper than the photographer you really love. Your wedding will be over in a day but your wedding images will last generations, and that’s why it’s important to invest in the right photographer for you! If budget is a concern, consider other areas of your wedding budget that might be able to cut back on. Perhaps you can hire a D.J. instead of a live band. There are lots of ways to cut back and although you might have to make some difficult decisions, it will pay off when you have images that will last generations!

Tip #3 Allow plenty of time in your wedding schedule for photography.
While it’s true that experienced wedding photographers excel at being able to think on their toes, beautiful images take some time to create. When you give your photographer the time he/she needs to make great imagery for you, you’ll reap the photographic rewards when you see your pictures! Work with your photographer to create a schedule that allows he/she enough time to capture the important pictures, moments, and details at your wedding. If your photographer is in a frenzied rush to get a bunch of important pictures done in a short period of time, the quality of your images will suffer.
Bonus Tip! Try to find your photographer before your ceremony and reception times are set in stone. That way your photographer can advise you on how much time is needed for photography while you’re still able to make adjustments to your schedule.

Tip #4 Consider hiring a coordinator.
Unless you’re having a very intimate and highly manageable wedding, you should definitely think about hiring a coordinator. Why? Because you’ll need somebody at your wedding who’s there to solve problems, keep things running smoothly, and help you be as stress-free as possible. A bride without a coordinator often has to become her own coordinator. This will take you away from enjoying your day and can be very stressful. And all of that stress, worry, and distraction will show in your images. We’ve seen in many times before so don’t let that be you! If you’re having a small wedding and don’t have the budget for a coordinator, then consider asking a very reliable friend to assume the role. She should commit to being a buffer between you and issues that come up on your wedding day.

Tip #5 Express your personality!
Your photographer will definitely want to get a feel for your personality and how to best capture your love for each other, so don’t be afraid to show it! Let’s say that you and your fiance aren’t very comfortable with public displays of affection. Be sure to tell your photographer about this before your wedding. It will give your photographer a chance to find quiet, isolated locations to photograph a kiss or embrace and will also give him/ her a chance to plan for ways to capture your love for one another that don’t involve copious amounts of PDA If you and your fiance are super playful with each other, let your photographer know so he/she can approach your pictures from a more playful point of view.

Il Cielo Wedding photographed by Josh Goodman.

Tip #6 Hold your hair and makeup artists to a specific deadline.
Professional hair and make-up is an art form. And artists can sometimes have difficulty keeping to time frames. Understandably, they are just trying to make you look your best. But if your hair and/or make-up artist doesn’t pay attention to or respect the time they have been given in your wedding schedule, it can throw off your entire schedule and cut into the time you have for photographs. We suggest making sure your hair and make-up artists know what time they need to be done by and encouraging them to start as early as they need to in order to finish by their deadline. Starting your day off on the right foot is important because the last thing you want is to feel on your wedding day is rushed.

Tip #7 See each other before the ceremony.
Seeing each other before the ceremony has many benefits for your photographs. The biggest benefit is the time factor. Instead of trying to squeeze a large amount of photographs into the cocktail hour (between the ceremony and reception), you’ll have the freedom to do all of the major “formal” photos before your ceremony even begins. This frees you up to actually enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests! Also, you’ll look your best in the pictures taken before the ceremony because you’ll have just finished getting ready. Lastly, it gives you the opportunity to do a “first look” with your fiance. This is a special moment where the two of you see each other all dressed up for the first time and your photographer will be there to capture it all! If you’d prefer to stick to the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony, then photographing as many “formal” images with each side of the family and bridal party as possible before the ceremony will help to cut down on the number of images needed to be taken during your cocktail hour.

Bride and Groom portrati by Malibu Wedding Photographer Josh Goodman

SPECIAL BONUS!! You can download a handy PDF VERSION of this guide by right-clicking HERE!

7 Tips To Guarantee Awesome Wedding Pictures

Thanks for reading this guide! I hope it helps on your wedding planning journey!

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